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Chaos in the US Weather Satellite Communities

The Pentagon has canceled the next-generation weather satellite program Defense Weather Satellite System (DWSS), writes Space News. DWSS was to deliver weather and ¬†environmental ¬†mapping data to support the US military. DWSS was canceled following the Senate Appropriations Committee’s removal … Continue reading

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Xi3 the future of tele-commuting and computer labs?

I spend a couple of days a week working from home. Broadband, laptops, and cheap lightweight storage make my life easier. Dropbox has helped too. At home I have a stand for my laptop, wireless keyboard and mouse. Our dinning … Continue reading

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How not to plan for the future: the European Commission and Europe’s most ambitious EO program

On the 10th Nov. I wrote about a conflict brewing between ESA and the European Commission about the long term funding of the Sentinel missions. The Commission’s position has been outlined in a statement. It can be summarised as: individual … Continue reading

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