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Europe’s innovative new satellite series

Civilian Earth Observation (EO) satellite sensors are normally designed to either develop or exploit a new technology, or to perform a given task. An example of the former is the Hyperion hyperpsectral sensor on NASA’s EO-1 satellite; an example of … Continue reading

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Climate Science climbs back into the ivory tower

I read a report recently about a proposal to ‘Save the Baltic’. The idea, developed at G√∂teborgs universitet (Gothenburg University), uses wind powered pumps to oxygenate water at 120 m, thus reducing hypoxia (where a lack of oxygen in the … Continue reading

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Sceptic busting climate science

The Eonomists blog, Babbage, reports on an independent investigation of the surface temperature record by astro-physicists (i.e. climate-science outsiders) at Berkley. They find the surface temperature measured at weather stations rose by around 0.7 C in the second half of … Continue reading

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