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Cyclone occurrence and frequency in East Antarctica

I have been looking into the effect of weather systems, cyclones, on surface processes in Antarctica. Unfortunately, weather and climate data are not always that readily available. Having read some papers by Dr Petteri Uotila and colleagues at the University … Continue reading

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Abstract: Sannel and Brown (2010)

Here’s the abstract of the paper I mentioned in the previous post. A.Britta K. Sannel and Ian A. Brown. (2010) High-resolution remote sensing identification of thermokarst lake dynamics in a subarctic peat plateau complex. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 36:S26-S40. Methods to quantify … Continue reading

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Image classification versus manual mapping

Classification is a common tool for deriving thematic information, such as maps,  from satellite imagery. A range of algorithms have been developed over the years; these are typically broken down into supervised and unsupervised methods. Supervised classification requires the user … Continue reading

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Ecosystem recovery rates

The Economist’s Green.view blog has reviewed an article on ecosystem recovery rates and recovery times. The article is a balanced review of a meta-study by Holly Jones and Oswald Schmitz, from Yale University. Jones and Schmitz reviewed 240 journal articles … Continue reading

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Open, Online Journals

I recently refereed an article for the journal The Cryosphere. It’s a journal I always mean to pay more attention but until now have been more or less ignoring. My loss. The Cryosphere describes itself as an "Interactive Open Access … Continue reading

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