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DLR releases 25 m SRTM DEM: free!

Here’s some news I missed (until now, obviously): The German Aerospace Agency (DLR) has released a 25 m Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Digital Elevation Model (DEM) dataset covering approximately 60ºN to 60ºS. The shuttle is was launched in an orbit … Continue reading

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Project Abstract: Tandem-X Snow volume estimation

A proposal to develop new algorithms using Tandem-X SAR data has been accepted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Tandem-X offers fantastic new opportunities to explore novel SAR products and develop new (quantitative) geophysical measurements and tools. The abstract is … Continue reading

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Weekend Reading

Here are some interesting articles and news pieces to keep you up to date. The Economist reviewed the final Shuttle launch (see also a leader column). They noted that a launch costs between $400M and $1500M depending on whos’ numbers you … Continue reading

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Destripe Landsat-7 ETM+

If you have Landsat-7 ETM+ then you are likely to encounter striping caused by the failure of the scan line corrector (SLC) in 2003. The SLC failure introduced major striping in ETM+ imagery. So what can we do about this … Continue reading

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ENVI FLAASH Atmospheric Correction Module: Getting started with MODIS

I have just read what is possibly the least useful tip since Alan Turing wrote: ” Step 1, build giant computer”. Don’t get me wrong, I think ITTVIS have a great product and am on record for saying so. Their Support … Continue reading

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