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Kudos till Lantmäteriverkets informationtjänst, GeoLex

Från Lantmäteriets hemsida om Ny nationell höjdmodell: Även i Lantmäteriets informationstjänst GeoLex (nytt fönster) kan genomförd skanning och efterföljande bearbetning följas med veckovis uppdatering. Klicka på länka för att få följande meddelande: Tjänsten stöder endast Windows Internet Explorer, ladda hem den här. Informationstjänst? … Continue reading

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Synthetic Aperture Radar Measurements of a Retreating Firn Line on a Temperate Icecap

A new article (published on Oct. 19th)  in: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing Abstract The firn line, like other glacier facies, is mapped operationally as part of glacier monitoring activities for glaciological and climate … Continue reading

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Landsat 5 Showing Signs Of Impending Failure |

Landsat 5 Showing Signs Of Impending Failure | 27 years old, Landsat-5 is showing it’s age. A USGS press release notes the importance of “the timely launch of the next Landsat mission”. The Landsat Missions page has more information … Continue reading

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European Commission Pressured To Add GMES Back to Long term Budget |

European Commission Pressured To Add GMES Back to Long term Budget | Sweden, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Finland act to secure the future of  GMES.   Aviation Week also take up the story about the ESA/EC … Continue reading

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New PhD thesis in glaciology and remote sensing

Susanne Ingvander successfully defended her thesis yesterday in front of a distinguished international committee. Bibliographic information for her thesis is kept at Stockholm University library and the National Library of Sweden. Snow particle size investigations using digital image analysis – … Continue reading

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GMES Sentinel Satellites threatened by ESA-EU Spat

Worrying news from Space Daily. According to a report by Peter B. de Selding ESA has threatened to cancel the GMES space segment, the Sentinel satellites. This is very worrying. It seems like ESA have started a game of chicken with … Continue reading

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Online lecture: Introduction to GIS

I’ve put a lecture online. I used Prezi to compile it and the lecture can be freely accessed through the Prezi website: The lecture is the first of five that will form the core of a distance-learning course in … Continue reading

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