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Spamming or Jamming: Chinese suspected of satellite signal interference

Space News reports that in 2007 and 2008 NASA and the USGS recorded “anomalous radio frequency events” that are suspected to have originated in China. The signals targeted the Terra and Landsat-7 sat’s. Terra is one of the platforms carrying MODIS … Continue reading

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NetCDF Reader/Plotter

Sometimes data formats can be a real pain. In the last few days I have been trying to find a way to conveniently open and plot NetCDF files. Matlab was a pain, ENVI couldn’t help. I know it can be … Continue reading

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“Cancel EO missions” cries Congress!

Three pieces in Space News caught my eye today. Firstly Dan Leone wrote regarding a letter from House Republicans calling for cuts in the NASA Earth Observation budget. The representatives call for $1.5 Billion in cuts in science spending with … Continue reading

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EOLI SA and other ESA services down

EOLI is back online (21st Oct).   I’ve been trying to access the ESA stand alone catalogue, EOLI SA, for a couple of days. I’ve also been looking for an explanation as to why I can’t connect.  Google couldn’t help … Continue reading

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Grattis Sverige!

Svenska rymdverksamheten har fylld 50 år! Congratulations Sweden on 50 years of space activities!              

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ASTER GDEM2 Released

Version 2 of the ASTER Global Digital Elevaton Model (GDEM) has been released by NASA and JAXA. The new GDEM2 attempts to rectify many of the issues with the first version. Tiling issues and anomalies over flat surfaces have been … Continue reading

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