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Excuses & TanDEM-X

I’ve been rarely writing on geoNotes recently. Mostly work (and life) has interferred with blogging. If you want specifics it’s largely because my teaching has reached epic proportions. Still, I have had time for some fun stuff. Last week I … Continue reading

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ESA’s 7th Earth Explorer

Following a User Consultation Meeting, held in Graz in March, the decision on which candidate mission will be selected for the 7th Earth Explorer, approaches. ESA will make a decision in May according to ESA’s website. The three missions are: … Continue reading

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Helpful radar animations

Check out Iain Woodhouse’s “Helpful radar animations” over at cArbomap. Dr Woodhouse has a gift for explaing radar concepts in an accessible way (he is the author of the excellent Introduction to Microwave Remote Sensing): he doesn’t disappoint with these … Continue reading

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HR Geostationary Imaging

In the last post I briefly touched on Disaster Monitoring Constellation (s): a system of satellites that provide high temporal resolution data for environmental monitoring. It turns out that Astrium, the European space giant, is touting a  high resolution (HR) … Continue reading

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Commercial Earth Observation

I was just reading Peg Shippert’s post on environmental monitoring constellations at Imagery Speaks. In a succinct post two constellations are described: the inter-governmental Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) and commercial Rapideye constellation. See the post for more details. The post reminded me … Continue reading

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India’s new RISAT-1 SAR returns it’s first images

Better late than never (sorry for being a bit slow). As reported by Flight Global’s Hyperbola blog (on May 14th) the first images from the Indian RISAT-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) have been released by the ISRO. RISAT-1 SAR is a … Continue reading

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JAXA Launches GCOM-W1

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has successfully launched the GCOM-W1 satellite. GCOM-W1 will undertake orbital manoeuvres for 45 days to place it in constellation with the A-train satellites. GCOM-W1 is carrying the Advanced Microwave Scanning  Radiometer 2 (AMSR-2): a passive … Continue reading

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