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Even bad days have silver linings

Just when you are about to tear out what little hair remains, along comes something to remind why you put up with all the frustration: This 2001 image is a band 5, 7, 4 false colour composite. Isn’t it glorious? … Continue reading

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Putting the argh into ARCMap

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Geopolitics: what should we teach in geography classes?

What should students learn in geography classes at school? The Dept. of Education convened committees to review school curricula. One of my colleagues, Anders Fridfeldt, was invited to contribute to the geography committee which reported this spring. Their recommendation was … Continue reading

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Course evaluations/Student Evaluations of Teaching/kursvärdering

I wrote a paper recently on course evaluations and in October presented it at a conference in Sweden. My interest came from a course at the SU Centre for Learning and Teaching led by Carol Benson. Despite some initial skepticism … Continue reading

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It’s been a busy couple of months. Lots of teaching and thesis supervision, followed by negotiations over an FP7 proposal with three international partners, a proposal submitted to DLR for TanDEM-X data and a Radarsat-2 proposal accepted by ESA and … Continue reading

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