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Home made Kimchi (Kimchee)

On the face of it one of the downsides of having vegetables delivered from Ekolådan is that you get a lot of similar vegetables, time after time. We get the Swedish box once every two weeks (it take us two … Continue reading

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Why global warming doesn’t mean next year must be warmer

One of my character flaws is (hopefully occassional) intolerance. Janet Daley is the kind of ill informed commentator that brings out my intolerance. Rather than merely condemn her article I will try to show why what she has written is, … Continue reading

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Communicating science

I attended a seminar yesterday on how scientists should communicate with politicians. It was the start of a course for researchers on communicating our science. During the discussion several interesting ideas and issues arose. One of the first things to … Continue reading

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Hackers break the law, invade personal privacy and scientists are lambasted.

Reading that the CRU was hacked and emails and data was stolen, I though some pesky spammers had been up to no good. We at SU were hacked last week and used for spamming. The CRUs case though has proven … Continue reading

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Glacier melt: Jakobshavn Isbrae

For my presentation to Space and the Arctic 2009 I took a look at the retreat of Jakobshavn Isbrae, a glacier of the west Greenland ice sheet. The glacier is well known for its rapid retreat. In fact it has … Continue reading

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Proposal Writing (do not disturb)

Does it never end? A while ago I stumbled across an organisation called EUFAR, a consortium of institutionens and companies that with the support of the EU 7th Framework Program, makes aircraft and instruments available to researchers. Like the muppet … Continue reading

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A disappointing (re)lapse into political polemic

I was at an open seminar on tuesday on the subject of land conflicts in the 21st Century. I intend to post about the seminar soon, probably when the muppets at comhem reconnect me to the tinternet. But before then … Continue reading

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