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ArcGIS 10

The Facebook Group F*ck You, ArcMap! has over 2500 members possibly making ArcMap (and by extension ArcGIS) as well loved as Windows Vista. Interestingly it is all the rage (and I use the word wisely) to vent off steam about … Continue reading

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Tips about MODIS data

MODIS data comes in many flavours. NASA and partners have created a wealth of datasets based on MODIS data. Here are some tips about what’s out there and what some of the acroymns mean. Level 1 data are either radiance … Continue reading

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Laugh or Cry?

The BBC reports that Rome is bracing for a prophesied earthquake. Should we laugh or cry?

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SAR freeware: NEST

The European Space Agency (ESA) is a leading provider of free and open software tools. Amongst the packages available are: – BEAM: for processing MERIS and other VIS-IR imagery -NEST: a SAR processing package -PolSARPro: polarimetric SAR tools Here I … Continue reading

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Near Real Time data available from ESA

The European Space Agency has added Envisat Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) to the MIRAVI image rapid visualisation service. MIRAVI is  free and open access and allows users to download full resolution MERIS (optical-infrared) and ASAR imagery in Bitmap (bmp) and … Continue reading

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Landsat data processing (in ENVI)

I’ve been asked for advice on processing Landsat data a few times in the last couple of weeks. So, here are a few tips. Accessing data  Data can be acquired from a number of sources: has orthorectified data from … Continue reading

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