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BIOMASS recommended as 7th Earth Explorer

The European Space Agency’s Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC) has recommended that BIOMASS be selected as the 7th Earth Explorer mission. The recommendation was conveyed in a letter from Prof. Volker Leibig, Director of Earth Observation Programmes to Lead Investigators … Continue reading

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Is the Radarsat Constellation Mission in jeopardy?

Macdonald Detweiller Associates (MDA) has warned that it may lay off staff due to uncertainties over the future of the Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM). MDA claims that the Canadian Space Agency doesn’t have the budget to support the build phase, … Continue reading

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Glacier change in Norway

The conventional wisdom is that glaciers are retreating as a result of global warming. That is that glacier fronts are drawing back and consequently the glacier area is reducing. This is somewhat simplistic. Bl√•mannsisen is the fifth largest glacier on … Continue reading

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SAR freeware: NEST

The European Space Agency (ESA) is a leading provider of free and open software tools. Amongst the packages available are: – BEAM: for processing MERIS and other VIS-IR imagery -NEST: a SAR processing package -PolSARPro: polarimetric SAR tools Here I … Continue reading

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