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Editing in ArcGIS 10

One of the constant criticisms raised about ArcGIS10 is dissatisfaction with the new editing environment. Via the Facebook site F*ck You ArcMap! I found this pearl of wisdom: https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/portal/blog/revert-back-arcmap-93-editing-environment-arcmap-10   In this blog post pbond explains how to revert to … Continue reading

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5.30 am: glacier monitoring ruminations

The downside of being a scientist rears it’s ugly head: it’s 5.30 am and I cannot stop thinking about glacier monitoring from space. Argh! This happens ever once in a while. I want to sleep, my body tells me it … Continue reading

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Landsat-7 ETM+ Visualisation in Quantum GIS (QGIS)

Here I will give a basic work flow for visualizing Landsat-7 ETM+ image data, from the USGS, in QGIS. The version of QGIS this is based on is the Windows v. 1.6.0 Capiapo installation. The data are a Landsat-7 ETM+ … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10

The Facebook Group F*ck You, ArcMap! has over 2500 members possibly making ArcMap (and by extension ArcGIS) as well loved as Windows Vista. Interestingly it is all the rage (and I use the word wisely) to vent off steam about … Continue reading

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