EOLI SA and other ESA services down

EOLI is back online (21st Oct).


I’ve been trying to access the ESA stand alone catalogue, EOLI SA, for a couple of days. I’ve also been looking for an explanation as to why I can’t connect.  Google couldn’t help but today I found an explanation at the ESA Earthnet User Services site.

It appears there have been infrastructure and firewall issues that have meant access to catalogues, and services using catalogues, have been interrupted. ESA had announced (18th Oct) the resolution of the issue before posting a new warning of service interruption.

Currently (20th Oct., 10.30 CET) EOLI SA is still unable to return search results.

Watch this space.

Update (13.00 CET)

“ESRIN – Network downtime – status update
20 October 2011
A workaround has been put in place in order to solve the network failure related to the ESRIN DMZ impacting the ESRIN Firewall clusters and consequently affecting the Earth Observation services (see news of 19 October 2011).Intensive work is ongoing to restore the nominal activities, but the connectivity in particular to the EOLI-SA (catalogue and ordering services) and the Online archives is still not resumed.

Envisat data is nominally acquired but the network issue is causing a delay in the Near Real Time (NRT) processing and upload to the Online archives.”

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