New National Digital Elevation Model (Ny Nationell Höjdmodell)

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Land Survey, is preparing a new national Digital Elevation Model (DEM), called, in Swedish, the Ny Nationell Höjdmodell (NNH). In English this is being referred to as the New National Elevation Model.

The NNH will be produced systematically by 2014: work started in 2009 and the first years will involve laser scanning campaigns to collect the data for the NNH. When released the DEM will have a 2 m grid spacing with a mean vertical error of 0.5 m or less. According to the information released by Lantmäteriet data will be released as it is completed:

“During the first 3-4 years of the project, the focus will be collection of data (scanning). This means that, during this time, new elevation data will be available for almost all of Sweden in the form of geo-referenced and auto-classified laser point clouds. A 2 metre grid, calculated from laser points classified as ground points, will also be produced. Generally, these products will be available to end users approximately 6 months after scanning the current area. Edited products will be produced in accordance with user demands during the latter part of the project”.

There is an online order form which can be used to request a quote for a given region. It appears that the cost will be 1000:- basic charge and 0.5 :- per square kilometre. 2.5×2.5 km units are the standard block.

The data collection plan is on Lantmäteriets website. The mountains and the area north east of Torneträsk is de-prioritised and will be completed subject to the availability of funding. A large chunk of southern Norrland (approximately from Umeå to Sundsvall) is only to be prioritised after 2012. Abisko will be included so any ecologists out there can breathe a sigh of relief. Apparently though the national DEM will not cover the whole nation. I find it particularly ironic that the DEM, which was proposed by the Climate and Vulnerability Commission, will not cover the most sensitive and vulnerable regions (the far north and the mountains).

NNH färdiga områder

The areas completed as of August 23rd, 2011

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