Weekend Reading

Here are some interesting articles and news pieces to keep you up to date.

The Economist reviewed the final Shuttle launch (see also a leader column). They noted that a launch costs between $400M and $1500M depending on whos’ numbers you believe.

Space News.com reports on the awarding of the Sentinel-4 contract to Astrium. The instrument will fly on Meteosat Third Generation (MTG) satellites to be launched in 2019 and 2027 (that’s long term planing!).

Also from Space News.com a piece about German subsidies for the next generation of TerraSAR synthetic aperture radar satellites. Note the misspelling of TerraSAR. Interestingly the article mentions a new Astrium product, ‘Color-SAR’. I can’t find any more information about the product but simple colour transformations can be applied to SAR using most software. It’s not rocket science.


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