ArcGIS 10

The Facebook Group F*ck You, ArcMap! has over 2500 members possibly making ArcMap (and by extension ArcGIS) as well loved as Windows Vista. Interestingly it is all the rage (and I use the word wisely) to vent off steam about the new ArcGIS 10.  All upgrades are likely to lead to confusion and frustration as users adapt workflows and get used to navigating new interfaces. What is interesting about the comments posted about this upgrade (from 9.3 to 10) is that many of the comments are similar. Here is a quick and unscientific summary:

-editing vectors leads to file inconsistencies,

-the attribute editor is unwieldy and unpopular,

-crashes are frequent (not unheard of in ArcMap 9.3) and the program is slower than ever.

So, not entirely encouraging. What’s more, the differences between ArcGIS 9.3 and 10 will mean lots of work rewriting exercise so they conform to the new workflows.

Just as ITTVIS have lanuched an ENVI version (4.8) that allows users to import ENVI tools directly into Arc. Nice timing.

I am so looking forward to next spring’s massively under-manned GIS teaching.

Update: conversation over coffee: colleague A: “You use ’10’ don’t you?”. Colleague B: “Yeah, it’s shit”. Colleague A is not impressed with the new Editor routine, the fact that 3-D data operations are poorly or incompletely implemented, or in fact the processing speed.

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