Sceptic busting climate science

The Eonomists blog, Babbage, reports on an independent investigation of the surface temperature record by astro-physicists (i.e. climate-science outsiders) at Berkley. They find the surface temperature measured at weather stations rose by around 0.7 C in the second half of the 20th Century. Read Babbage’s report here:

[the only issue I have with the Economists’ excellent reporting on climate science is their occasional supercilious tone when commenting on ‘climategate’ and their general failure to empathise with scientists who had been vilified by politicians and public alike long before the hacking of computers and leaking of emails].

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2 Responses to Sceptic busting climate science

  1. Margareta Hallander says:

    But, I thought you were a fan of the Economist 🙂 Or is it my general understanding of english that has totally withered away?

    Admittedly though, the Economist has been covering climate change rather sporadically before COP 14 and the Stern report. But it is noteworthy that they do indeed seem to find economic reason for action and occasionally try to encourage leading politicians into showing some courage.

    • blamannen says:

      I think they are very good at presenting rational answers for action in a way that is more convincing for decision makers than many of the more impassioned calls from the NGOs/treehuggers etc.

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