Terminology: ‘Area’

I’m reading a student’s thesis at the moment and am really impressed, once again, at the quality of the written English. Some Swedish students really write very well, especially considering they are writing in a foreign language. One problem I am encountering though is the use of the word ‘area’.

As one of my supervisors pointed out (yes, I have been guilty of this too), area refers to a geometric measurement. It does not mean ‘region’ or ‘location’.

Should anyone read this, please try to remember that when writing ‘area’ in geoscience or maths, you are referring to: “the surface included within a set of lines;¬†specifically : the number of unit squares equal in measure to the surface” (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary).

Other definitions, including those offered by Merriam Webster, are not proper usage (in the case of a geoscience investigation/report).

Just trying to help.

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