Even bad days have silver linings

Just when you are about to tear out what little hair remains, along comes something to remind why you put up with all the frustration:

Band 5, 7, 4: from 20010820

A pan-sharpened false colour composite Landsat-7 ETM+ image subset

This 2001 image is a band 5, 7, 4 false colour composite. Isn’t it glorious?

The image shows a retreating equilibrium line (snow line) exposing older snow, which glaciologists call firn. Firn is snow which has started to develop into glacier ice.  This image shows older firn as mid-blue tones and glacier ice as deep blue: the light blue and white is snow from winter 2000-2001. The exposure of the older firn tells us that the glacier snow line is rising between years as the glacier melts more and more.

Notice how the southern facing sides of the glacier, and the hill slopes around, are brighter than the north facing slopes. This is caused by lower sun angles in late August, in the Arctic (the image was taken at 10.18 am, GMT).

What a lovely image!

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