Proposal Writing (do not disturb)

Does it never end?

A while ago I stumbled across an organisation called EUFAR, a consortium of institutionens and companies that with the support of the EU 7th Framework Program, makes aircraft and instruments available to researchers. Like the muppet I am, I got carried away by my enthusiasm and mentioned it in a research group meeting. Now I am coordinating a department wide proposal.


That in itself wouldn’t be so bad but I am also working on an FP7 Space proposal with a consortium of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to work on agricultural remote sensing using novel, state-of-the-art approaches (I can’t go into details here).


Which wouldn’t be bad except I am working on a European Space Agency proposal with colleagues in Canada on ‘North Hydrology'(Canada is an associate member of ESA) .


Which wouldn’t be bad but I had another proposal I wanted to write on a novel approach to Synthetic Aperture Radar remote sensing and collaborate on a Toppforsk proposal.


…whilst making corrections to a paper, and finishing two others.

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  1. fortiain says:

    On the topic of proposal writing ….

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