The glamorous life of a scientist

It’s a facinating life being a researcher/scientist. When not swinging from liannas in the jungle, á la Indiana Jones, or creating mutant powers during laboratory experiments with green radioactive isotopes (á la any comic book superhero you care to mention) we just about find the time to write emails and drink coffee. And generate data.

I’m taking a short break now to write this and to stop my head from imploding. No, not an exercise in creating a desktop black hole but rather the mind numbing tedium of generating vegetation index subsets for Darfur. Since around 8.30 am I’ve generated a time series of just over 380 files covering Western Darfur. I’m about half way through. Just Northern Darfur to do and then the fun really begins: entering the data into Excel or Matlab. 760 measurements. By hand.

Oh, yeah, it’s all glamour here.


Dear Santa Claus,

can you please bring me a cure for carpal tunnel syndrome for Christmas.

I promise to be a good boy.



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