2grader / 2degrees

I don’t intend to bombard the blogosphere with internet campaigns to save bunnies and promote rounders (brännboll) as an olympic sport but I may make occassional exceptions for good causes.

2grader is one such cause. This campaign aims to persuade nations, starting with the EU 27, to commit to limiting green house gas (GHG) emissions, to no more than the amount likely to cause a global warming of 2 degrees (2 grader).

This is bound to infuriate deep-greens who will argue 2 degrees are 2 degrees too many but this campaign is admirably realistic. I have no time for environmental or anti-globalisation campaigners dressed in Nikes carrying ipods. 2 Degrees will require significant industrial and economic changes. Electricity prices may rise in the short to medium term, for example, as we go over to renewable sources. You may be confronted with a large windmill or windfarm on the horizon (don’t get me started on nimby-ism or we’ll be here all week). BUT such changes are necessary.

2 degrees of warming is a realistic goal. Much of the damage has already been done; 0 degrees isn’t going to happen. This is an admirable campaign precisely because it is acheivable.

Grab the moral high-ground! Sign the petition (or I’ll send the boys round)!

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