In the footsteps of Bert Bolin

Tomorrow, over seventy climate scientists will gather to talk about their research. The Annual meeting of the Bert Bolin Centre for Climate Research is primarily an opportunity for SUs climate scientists to share their work, renew acquaintances and discuss collaboration.

The Bolin Centre is a cross-disciplinary climate research centre. The scientists active at the centre are drawn mainly from INK, IGG, ITM, and MISU. Scientists from History and Ecology amongst others, will also be present as will a number of international collaborators. The Centre aims to combine the expertise prevalent in SUs departments to promote new research and new perspectives. The meeting is a great chance to broaden our horizons; presentations range from: 10000 years of climate data from cave ice in Romania, to whether global warming can be compensated for by the abatement of soot and ozone emissions.

Bert Bolin was a globally renowned meteorologist and first chair of the IPCC. His later work focussed on policy implications of climate change and perhaps became more inter-disciplinary. In meeting this week to discuss a wide range of results and issues, SUs climate research community aims to continue his work, whilst honouring his memory. Abstracts and information about the meeting will appear soon on the Bolin Centre website.

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